The Ultimate Fast-Track to Building a Dream Amazon Business & The Life You Deserve

So You Can Take Control Of Your Time, Income And Live The Life You Deserve

By Tom Wang

FBA Masterclass is a premier-mentorship program created by 8-figure Amazon seller - Tom Wang. It is a private-program for qualified individuals who want to earn a full-time passive-income on Amazon - in months, not years.

For approved members, you receive:

211+ Modules of Easy-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Amazon Training

(Note: Our Training-Syllabus Is Further Down On This Page)

The FBA Masterclass modules are designed for total beginners. So in every module, you are spoon-fed everything in a very step-by-step fashion. You receive detailed, crystal instructions on everything from finding suppliers, negotiating with suppliers, launching products and everything in between.

If you’ve ever followed a cooking recipe, it will feel a lot like that.

Weekly Monday To Wednesday LIVE Expert Panel Group-Coaching & On-Going Mentorship Calls with Tom & Tom’s Team

Every week, we host group coaching calls from Monday - Wednesday nights to do group coaching. This is where you’ll get insider tips, tricks and strategies, updates on Amazon policies and get any of your questions answered LIVE from Tom / Tom’s team.

New Modules with New Strategies & Advanced Trainings Added Regulary

As you may know, Amazon is always changing. So what was working last year, may not work right now. However, as a member of FBA Masterclass, you’re covered.

Tom is building his Amazon business every day. So whatever strategies that’s working in his Amazon business, you’ll be the first to know too.

Exclusive Invitation To Level 2 - A Secret Super-Sellers Group

Once you’ve launched your product and are doing $5K / month, you will be invited to be part of an exclusive private group called: Level 2 (for free). This is where you’ll get more direct access to Tom, other high-level Amazon sellers and other elite entrepreneurs in Tom’s network. 

Direct Access to Tom in The FBA Masterclass Private Facebook Community

The FBA Masterclass community is one of the best in the world. In other communities, you typically find leechers, information hoarders and just the blind leading the blind. But our community is different.

In this group, you’ll also have direct access to other students who do $10,000 a month, $50,000 a month and $100,000 a month who we call the $100K club. (If you want, you can book additional one-on-one training with these coaches as well).

And you have direct access to Tom.

Direct Access to VIP Guests Such as World-Class Entrepreneurs, 8-Figure Amazon Sellers, Private Equity Investors, and More

Every other week Tom brings in someone who will inspire you. Answer your questions. And give you strategies to multiply your income. So not only do you get access to Tom and other successful Amazon sellers, you also get access to an endless number of powerful, smart people that can change your life.

First-In-Line Access to Partnership Invitations, Funding Opportunities, and Other Business Ventures

Currently, Tom is setting up a Shark Tank partnership program for Amazon sellers. As Tom’s partner, you will work closely with Tom. He’ll provide his team. And he’ll even give you funding to help you scale your business.

But in order to qualify, you must be a member of our group and follow the training inside FBA Masterclass. By being a member, you’ll be the first to access these types of opportunities

Business Systems & Done-For-You Templates People Would Pay Thousands of Dollars For - All Included

With your FBA Masterclass membership, you receive dozens of extra tools and templates to help you run your business.

For example, you receive Facebook Ad templates, Manychat Flows, supplier tracking sheets, cash flow management templates, and much much more.

For approved Fast-Track Members, you receive all the benefits above plus:

1-on-1 Daily Check-Ins With Your Personal 6-7 figure Amazon Coach 
(For Fast-Track Members Only) 

As an FBA Masterclass Fast-Track Member, you’re assigned a dedicated Amazon Advisor who has generated $500k to $1M in sales on Amazon.

Your personal advisor has been certified by us, and they will work with you daily to show you what to do, when to do it and how to do it. 

They will cross your t’s, dot your i’s and triple check your progress every step of the way.

And they will help you with every area of the business, from setting up your account to picking a product, ranking it and making your first bit of income. 

But that’s not all. 

It’s also your advisor’s duty to hold you accountable, keep you on track and make sure you’re not just successful with your first product but that you have the right skills to launch products on your own in the future. 

This is a very unique opportunity that you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life. There is simply nothing else like this out there.
It’s your chance to be immersed in the business, learn as much as possible, while also getting the help of a seasoned expert to launch on Amazon with the highest odds of success at a record breaking pace.  

*Seats in the Fast-Track program are limited based on coaching availability - so it’s recommended you enquire as soon as possible.

Unlimited Support From Your 6-To-7 Figure Amazon Advisor 
(For Fast-Track Members Only) 

Outside of your daily 1-on-1 check-ins (think of these as the critical checkpoints on your journey), you also get access to your Amazon Advisor whenever you run into roadblocks.

Now, in most training programs, you’re forced to figure out roadblocks on your own when you get stuck. 

That’s simply not the case in our fast-track program. 

Whenever you run into a roadblock you will simply message your Amazon Advisor, and they’ll respond a.s.a.p to help you overcome the obstacle.

This way you are never on your own, and you always keep the momentum you need to launch as fast as possible.

Now, to help you achieve your goals with fewer roadblocks, your Amazon Advisor will create a 90-day tailor-made roadmap for you to follow, so you’re always clear on your best next steps.

*You receive 1-on-1 support for the full 90-days of the fast-track program. 


Checkout Some Student Results & Testimonials:

Jennie started doing $25K / month while working as a nurse

- Jennie

  • Was working as a nurse
  • Had to deal with constant schedule changes and different shifts
  • ​Felt the need for greater control over life
  • ​Didn't have friends who know how to sell on Amazon
  • ​Doing work with joy and energy

David is doing $45,000 a month

- David 

  • Former air-space engineer
  • Worked at Boeing and other major companies
  • ​Why he wanted to leave the corporate world
  • ​Didn’t like dropshipping or affiliate models
  • ​Key differences about this business vs having a job
  • The unique advantages Tom gave David in his business

Mary is hit $1000 a day within 7 months of starting - all while she was on maternity leave

- Mary

  • Used to working 9-5 jobs
  • Was on a maternity leave from her job when she decided to launch
  • ​Encouraged by a supportive husband
  • ​Launched a product that she was personally passionate about
  • ​Growing the brand and launching more products
  • The learning community and coaching call is amazing!

Kyle G. is doing close to $200,000 a month!

- Kyle G.

  • Started Amazon 6 years ago
  • ​Was struggling with the business and course came in his Youtube suggestions
  • ​After the course, launched a ton of products
  • ​Doing somewhere around $200k per month
  • ​You were 100% real about your results and those results showed
  • Everything that you shared on your course has worked!

From $0-$100,000 in 8 months...

- Dan Kogan

  • Fired from his job last year
  • ​Took the course in April 2019
  • ​Had 0 E-Commerce experience
  • ​Course takes you from knowing nothing to a professional
  • ​I'm enjoying my work a lot more
  • Going to cross $110,000 today!
  • ​If you learn and apply it, this can certainly change your life!

"It Allowed Me to Skip Over Mistakes That I Would've Made If I Didn't Take the Course"

- JP Y.

  • I was running a tech company and stock trader
  • ​It gave me a guideline from product research phase to launch phase
  • ​It's more about student than a teacher
  • ​Making between $12k-20k per month
  • You made me feel comfortable launching my succeeding products
  • ​The Community is great!

Robert is making $100,000 a month with only 3 products...

Robert C.

  • Started in October 2017
  • ​BCIT for 2 Years
  • ​Wanted Freedom and not working for someone
  • ​Started making $20-30k in revenue with the first product
  • ​Went from $15k/month to $100k/month in sales in 2-3 months
  • ​Invest in yourself and believe you can actually do it!

The FBA Masterclass Modules Cover the Following


Welcome & Setup

  • Welcome to FBA Masterclass
  • LIVE FBA Masterclass Orientation Call
  • FBA Masterclass Facebook Community
  • LIVE Expert-Panel Group-Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Office Hours Schedule
  • Time Management Tips
  • How to Navigate Through the Membership Portal - the RIGHT way
  • Overview of How Amazon FBA Works
  • FBA Masterclass Road Map
  • Amazon Seller Central Setup Walkthrough
  • Things You Need Before You Can Start Making Money on Amazon
  • Amazon Seller Central Setup Walkthrough
  • Amazon Seller Central Document Guidelines
  • How to Setup An Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Best Business Structure for Your Amazon Business
  • Setting Up Your Business
  • Benefits of Starting Your Business
  • Types of Business Entities
  • US Business Taxes 101
  • Business Credit 101
  • Setting Up OFX (Non-USA Students Only)
  • Biggest Mistakes & Things to Avoid
  • 12-Month Amazon Journey Outline
  • Amazon Anatomy
  • Brand Name vs Store Name vs Company Name
  • FBA Glossary of Terms
  • Tips for Contacting Amazon Seller Support
  • FAQ's While Getting Setup


How to Find Your First Winning Product

  • Introduction
  • Viral Launch vs Helium 10 Overview
  • Viral Launch Features vs Helium 10 Features
  • How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon Using Viral Launch
  • Viral Launch 30-Day Trial Signup
  • Helium 10 Discount Code & Signup
  • How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon Using Viral Launch
  • How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon Using Amazon Suggested
  • Additional Ways to Find Winning Products
  • Introduction to Product Validation
  • Criteria #1 - Demand
  • Criteria #2 - Competition
  • Criteria #3 - Budget
  • Criteria #4 - Margin
  • Criteria #5 - Trend & Fad
  • Criteria #6 - Sizing
  • Criteria #7 - Prohibited & Restricted Products
  • Criteria #8 - Revenue Distribution
  • Criteria #9 - Wide Market Test
  • Criteria #10 - Variation Test
  • Understanding Margin & ROI
  • List of Products to Avoid
  • Product Validation Checklist
  • How to Fill Out the Product Validation Checklist
  • Narrow Down Your Product List
  • Before You Launch Your First Product
  • Should You Start a Branded Store vs Non-Brand Store?
  • How to Build a Great Product Offering with Competitive Advantage
  • Funnel Hacking Top Brands
  • How to Find Product Market Fit - Raw Startup
  • Top Competitor Analysis
  • Who is Your Ideal Customer?
  • Why Do Some Products Fail?
  • Understanding Buyer Psychology
  • Four Big Mistakes During Product Research


Sourcing, Negotiation, and Logistics Secrets

  • Introduction
  • Commonly Used Logistics & Sourcing Terminology
  • Negotiations - Real Case Study
  • How to Reach Out to Suppliers on Alibaba
  • Supplier Outreach Email [PDF]
  • A Quick Way to Get Quotes
  • How Many Units Should You Order?
  • FBA Cashflow Forecast Worksheet
  • How to Narrow Down Your Suppliers
  • How to Negotiate with Your Suppliers
  • What to Say When Suppliers Ask You Weird Questions?
  • Additional Questions You Need to Ask
  • Order & Evaluate Samples
  • Negotiation (Part 2)
  • How to Work with Multiple Suppliers
  • How Does Packaging Work? 
  • State of California Product Restriction
  • Insert Card Strategies to Gather Customer Data
  • More Insert Cards
  • How to Create Your FNSKU / Create Your First Listing
  • How to Check if Your FNSKU Barcode is Actually Scannable
  • UPC Code from GS1
  • Get UPC code via GS1 & GTIN Exemption
  • Getting Single GS1 UPC Code
  • Creating New Listings Using GS1 UPC Codes
  • Error When Creating Listing
  • Error When Creating Listing 5665 Error Code
  • 10 Things to Avoid Before You Place Your 30% Deposit
  • How to Pay Your Supplier
  • Purchase Order Template (PDF)
  • Purchase Order Template (Word Document)
  • How to Conduct An Inspection
  • Failed Inspection?! What you should do next
  • How Does Shipping from China to Amazon Work
  • Master Carton Making
  • Amazon Prep Requirements
  • 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) Recommendation
  • What Happens After You Place Your Deposit?
  • How to Work with a 3PL (Third Party Logistics)


Building the Foundations for Launch

  • Introduction
  • How to Create Images that Stand Out
  • Photo 101 with Samantha
  • Split Testing Your Main Image
  • How to Price Your Product During Launch
  • How to Do Keyword Research [Part 1]
  • How to Do Keyword Research [Part 2]
  • The Art of Copywriting
  • Tool Review: Generating Product Description
  • DO NOT put these keywords ANYWHERE in your listing
  • How to Find Out Your Top 10 Competitors
  • EBC + Videos
  • A+ Content/EBC/Brand Store
  • Adding The Above to Your Amazon Listing
  • Amazon Return Settings
  • FAQ


The 4-Week Launch Plan

  • 4-Week Launch Plan Guide


PPC Set Up For Launch

  • Introduction to PPC
  • Basic Terms & Theory
  • Auto vs Manual Campaign & Advertising Match Types
  • PPC Launch Planning Guide
  • How to Use the PPC Planning Guide
  • Setting Up Your First Auto Campaigns
  • How to Plan Your Manual Keyword Campaigns
  • How to Set Up Manual Keyword Campaigns
  • How to Create a Portfolio
  • What To Do on "Day-2" of Launch
  • PPC Bulk Sheet Optimization
  • Search Term Reports
  • Deduplicating Keywords
  • Branded Keywords and ASIN Targeting


PPC Bulk Uploading

  • Auto Campaign - Bulk Sheet Uploading
  • Manual Keyword Campaigns - Bulk Sheet Uploading


Before You Start Ranking

  • Understanding Sessions & Conversions
  • Conversion: How to Increase Your Sales by Doing These 5 Things?
  • FBA Daily Journal
  • Why You Must Use the Daily Journal
  • Listing Not Showing BSR?
  • How to Leverage Pricing to Gain Reviews


How to Get Reviews on Amazon

  • How to Get Reviews on Amazon


How to Use Elite Seller

  • Elite Seller: How to Create Magic Links
  • Elite Seller: Magic Links & Funnel Update
  • Elite Seller: Understanding Funnel Campaigns


Bonus Content: Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing Masterclass
  • Tracking Your Campaigns


Maintain & Scale

  • When to Cut Your Losses and Move Onto the Next Product
  • How to Increase Traffic by Using Amazon Promotions
  • Hijacker? Someone Selling My Product Page in Canada?!
  • How to Add & Create Variations in Seller Central


Finance Side of Amazon FBA Business

  • How to Calculate Storage Fee
  • How to Read Amazon Payment Report



  • What do Do When You Are Out of Stock
  • New Way to Get Trademark! [Since August 5, 2020]
  • How to Get a Trademark FAST
  • How to Get a Trademark to Get Brand Registry
  • How to Contact Amazon Seller Support
  • How to Send a Free Product Using Manual Fulfillment
  • Deadly Mistakes of Amazon FBA
  • What to Do When You Are Out of Stock
  • How to Create Group Discount Codes
  • How to Create Dollar Off Coupon Codes
  • Remote Fulfillment with Amazon FBA
  • How to Do Customer Service with Amazon
  • FBA Liquidation Program: An Alternative to Removal/Disposal



  • Collection of Resources
  • 1:1 FBA Coaching
  • Viral Launch 30 Day Trial Signup
  • FBA Masterclass Powerpoint
  • Amazon Tricks, Hacks, and Lessons 
  • Student Submissions


Coaching Calls

  • Complementary Access to All the Previous LIVE Coaching Call Recordings


Answered Within the FBA Masterclass Modules

If It Isn't, We Still Make Sure You're Supported!

In the rare times you don't find the answer to what you need, we want to support you in the following ways:


You can ask Tom on our weekly coaching calls


You can email our student support line which our team will get back to you very quickly


You can always tap Tom on the shoulder inside our Facebook Group & ask our community full of experienced sellers


Your Membership Also Includes Over $20,000 of Bonuses Including...

Million-Dollar Rolodex - Personal Introductions from Tom to Trusted Connections in His Network

When you’re building your Amazon business, you need to work with vendors like photographers, graphics designers and others. 

Instead of trying to find your own, you will get Tom’s pre-approved vendors list.

To give you an idea of how valuable this is, just the freight forwarder connection alone will save you thousands of dollars per shipment. With just 1-2 shipments, the savings you have with this connection would cover the investment into the program many times over.

Perfect Product Manifesto - The Ultimate Way to Create Maximum Income with Whatever Budget You Have

So far, Tim has launched and helped 100's of products. In the process, he's perfected the formula to find the perfect first product for beginners to start with. You'll know what this formula is when you're a member.

Get your product wrong and you have no chance of success. Get it right and honestly, you're more than halfway there. 

Negotiation Secrets Training and Case Study

Negotiation Secrets is a strategy for negotiating with suppliers that has been tested across hundreds of suppliers.

In this case study, you’ll get the exact strategy, scripts and you’ll even see an entire negotiation from start to finish. You’ll also see how we negotiated and saved over 60% of the initial price they quoted us.

Imagine how much money you would save with a 60% discount with every shipment you order?

FBA Masterclass Can Change Your Life.

But There's a Catch.

Tom invests a lot of time, energy, and effort into this program, so not everyone can be a part of the group. To qualify, you must meet the following:

You must be an action-taker.

There's no point in applying to be a member if you're just going to leverage it. If you're investing in the FBA Masterclass, you're expected to put aside a bit of time every week to actually go through the program.

You have at least a few thousand dollars to get this business going.

You need capital to build an Amazon business. If you don't have enough, then you're not ready for the FBA Masterclass. We'd suggest taking on other side hustles until you have enough piled away.

You're ready to follow this program to a tee.

So far, this program has helped dozens of newbies reach over $10,000 a month in sales - with their first product. How? It's because they followed the system exactly as it is laid out. If you can do this, then you'll do great in the program.

Don't take our word for it...

See What Our Students Have to Say


You Could Be Just One Product Away

With Amazon, all you need to do is sell one good product - that's it. With just one product you life can change forever. 

That's been the case for Tom and dozens of our FBA Masterclass Members. If you want to start selling your first winning product, then apply now to be a member of FBA Masterclass.

Seats for some of our programs, such as Fast-Track, are limited based on coaching availability, so we highly recommend you get in touch as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

If you have questions, email
*Tom Wang is a professional Amazon Seller. Success in this business requires hard work and is never guaranteed just like any other area of life. Your results are up to you. We're here to help by sharing our most effective strategies, tools, and ideas to support you. But nothing on this page is a promise of any result. Testimonials are reflective only of past results specific to the individuals shown. These are illustrative and not typical results. *